Jim Whims
Venture Partner

Mr. Whims has founded, managed, and funded many high growth companies in Silicon Valley. The companies Mr. Whims has been affiliated with include Worlds of Wonder, Software Toolworks and Sony Computer Entertainment. At Sony Computer Entertainment Mr. Whims was Executive Vice President and headed up its efforts in North America with the launch of the Playstation. Sales catapulted from 0 to just short of $1 billion in the first 12 months under his leadership. This success led to numerous awards for both Mr. Whims and the company culminating with Mr. Whims receiving the prestigious Marketing Executive of the Year award from Brandweek/Adweek.

Mr. Whims is recognized by industry experts as one of the leading consumer products executives in high-tech and has spent over a decade in venture capital. Mr. Whims currently serves on the Board of Directors at THQ, Inc. and Synamptics, among others.

Mr. Whims received his MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Arizona and he holds a BA from Northwestern University in Economics and Communications.









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