Next. That’s what we're about. We seek to discover and leverage the NEXT big disruption in technology markets. TechFund focuses on accelerating the development of tech companies by investing in and coaching the management teams that build the next NEXT. New technologies are often born from a single great observation – an idea formed and nurtured by entrepreneurs who are seeking the NEXT market. We believe that great technology companies aren’t just born, but that the best are those where the entrepreneurs are partnered with venture professionals with the experience to accelerate the teams' development.

TechFund focuses on the information and clean energy technology sectors where our hands-on experience can help create disruption leaders. In information technologies we focus on networking & communications and digital media. In clean energy technologies, we concentrate on distributed generation, energy efficiency, eco-intelligence and renewable energy technologies as areas where new approaches are needed and where a multi-discipline expertise is essential.

With a long track record of investing in Europe and the U.S., TechFund was built on the experience of building cutting edge companies that provide component, system, software, or services solutions that have a global reach and in sectors of technology convergence. Our experience is amplified by our relationship to corporate partners who can provide key insights, networks, and the partnering opportunities that can help our companies explore what's NEXT.


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